GALFER, the Spanish brake parts brand, is factory-supplying its brake discs for the new revolutionary Orbea e-bikes: Orbea Gain for the road and Orbea Rise for mountain biking.

Galfer Bike continues to grow in the bike market, winning the trust of one of the most important international manufacturers in the world of bikes. In 1998 Galfer began supplying brake pads to several European companies and in 2012 launched its product range for the replacement parts market and now, in 2020 Galfer has become an official factory supplier for the prestigious bicycle brand Orbea.

Chosen for being synonymous with quality, reliability, durability and performance, “Disc Wave®” brake discs are being fitted on the new-bikes launched recently by Orbea: Orbea Gain and Orbea Rise. Both e-bikes have been designed to improve the riding experience, where less “e” means more “bike”.


The brake system of the Orbea Gain and Orbea Rise models will offer improved performance and efficiency thanks to Galfer state-of-the-art technology, the result of years of research and development that have culminated in the launch of a premium hi-tech product onto the market that can satisfy the needs of both cycling professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Galfer “Disc Wave®” discs are manufactured from stainless steel with a high carbon content using laser cutting techniques. All Galfer brake discs then go through several production processes to create a high-quality product: heat treatment to get the right hardness, paint treatment to stop the appearance of rust and surface treatment to give them a superior initial grip.

ORBEA GAIN (e-road)

The Orbea Gain bike has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience, integration, safety and rolling quality. Orbea has gone to great lengths to hide the battery, making it the lightest, smallest and most discreet battery on the market, which gives it a clean, smart look.

Without doubt, one of the added values offered by Galfer discs relates to the reduced weight of this e-road bike, which helps to make the Orbea Gain a high-end product. Galfer supplies “Disc Wave®” DB002W ø160mm (99gr) discs for both front and back wheels that contribute to the weight reduction and the significant improvement in the braking, thanks to their enhanced power and improved cooling due to their brake track design. Galfer Wave discs also match the look of the bike perfectly.

ORBEA RISE (e-mtb)

The attention paid to the weight and the performance of the brake system is also one of the fundamental features of the revolutionary Rise model that Orbea has launched onto the market and that comes fitted with Galfer “Disc Wave®” DB003W ø180mm (113gr) discs for the M Team model and DB103W ø180mm (106gr) discs for the M LTD model. The DB103W was a new development by Galfer that shaves a few extra grams off the frame to help make Rise the lightest e-bike you can buy.

Orbea Rise is a trail e-MTB with dual suspension, an OMR carbon frame and is the lightest on the market: 16.2 kg for the M LTD model and 17.5 kg for the M Team model. The Rider Synergy (RS) concept of this model brings with it a new experience that instils a passion for mountain biking thanks to its subtle electrical assistance, which feels as natural and alive as your own body. Stunning jumps, turns, brakes and accelerations that we don’t normally associate with current e-bikes are all part of the usual Rise experience.

Galfer brake discs are accessible to any rider, available on both the replacement parts market and now from the factory through the two new Orbea models.

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