Galfer, the renowned brake components brand, has undergone a packaging overhaul for all its bicycle brake pads, now opting for a completely environmentally friendly box.

Following the trend of changes initiated by Galfer with the new disc boxes in 2022, a new box design for the brake pads has been introduced, made from 100% organic materials and eliminating the use of plastic entirely. For its manufacturing, only materials of plant origin have been used: the well-known Kraft cardboard for the product-protecting structure and cellulose acetate for the window that allows visibility of the product once packaged.

Galfer Industries is aware of the global climate issue and aims to reduce its environmental impact by employing packaging with 100% recyclable materials.

The new brake pad box features several functional and aesthetic improvements, including:

  • Reduction in box size, being 30% smaller than its predecessor.
  • Enhanced product protection, as the new box contains a central divider that separates the two brake pads.
  • Clear visibility of the product through the transparent cellulose acetate front window.
  • Improved aesthetics thanks to its new design, in line with the rest of the Galfer Bike product range.

In this way, Galfer has managed to eliminate virtually all plastic from its packaging for bicycle products, reaffirming its commitment to environmental sustainability.