Braking later means holding your speed longer. Seeking to turn this principle of racing into reality, Galfer with its innovative products is the perfect sponsor for the new season of the iXS Downhill Cup. Check out the innovative braking systems from Galfer, including the new Disc Shark® rotors, launched in 2022 and recognized as the best brake disc the Spanish manufacturer has on the market.

We are delighted to announce that iXS Downhill Cup and Galfer Bike has agreed a sponsoring deal for the upcoming season. Galfer already has a very long tradition in the friction systems industry and has been manufacturing high-quality products since 1952. The company has its origins in the car industry. In the 1980s they began focussing on braking systems for motorcycles, in which Galfer is undoubtedly one of the leading companies today. And so Galfer has always been known for quality and innovation.

Galfer, with its innovative braking systems, is the new sponsor of the iXS Downhill Cup.

The company was able to draw on the experience gained in the motorcycle industry to successfully enter the bicycle industry as OEM in 1998 and as a spare parts brand in 2012. Here Galfer also offers a range of innovative brake discs, with appropriate brake pads for any condition. Specially for downhill, Galfer offers its new and revolutionary Disc Shark® which provides greater braking power with lower operating temperature, resulting in higher stability and increased durability of the brake pads. In the same way, the green Pro brake pads from Galfer (G1554T) have been developed for downhill racing. They do not need running-in and they provide steady and lengthy braking, with no power lost, at maximum temperature levels. This material allows riders to brake later and be faster for longer, as shown by the success of the athletes supported by Galfer. For example, Amaury Pierron won the DH Elite Men World Cup 2022, and at the last EWS in Loudenvielle, Alex Rudeau and Martin Maes took the first two places of the race. All of them were using the Disc Shark® rotors and Pro brake pads from Galfer.

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The material allows riders to brake later and be faster for longer.

We are enthusiastic about our future cooperation with iXS Downhill Cup. And of course, all the participants of the iXS Downhill Cup, will also benefit from this cooperation. Galfer will provide attractive prizes for the award ceremonies. Also, Galfer retailers will be attending several races of the 2023 season with exhibition and sales services.

The 2023 iXS Downhill Cup and European Cup calendar is as follows:

  • 14th April: Lošinj (CRO)
  • 5th May: Maribor (SLO)
  • 19th – 21st May: Winterberg (GER)
  • 26th – 28th May: Willingen (GER)
  • 30th June – 2nd July: Steinach (GER)
  • 14th – 16th July: Semmering (AUT)
  • 28th – 30th July: Ilmenau (GER)
  • 18th – 20th August: Bad Tabarz (GER)
  • 15th  17th September: Verbier (SUI)
  • 29th September – 1st October: Bellwald (SUI)
Several iXS Downhill Cup riders trust Galfer brake parts.

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