Galfer Bike G1652 brake pads for electric bicycles, easily recognisable by their purple colour, have obtained the prestigious ECE R90 certification, verifying that their level of quality and effectiveness is equal or superior to the original material. The E-bike brake pads have been subjected to braking intensity and resistance testing, as well as performance testing in different weather conditions, with satisfactory results.

As a result, these pads are recognised in the aftermarket for their quality and safety for use with electric bicycles, which require superior braking performance to that of non-motorised bicycles.

It is worth noting that Galfer G1652 pads are possibly the first pads to be awarded ECE R90 certification worldwide, which is a milestone for the Bike division of the Spanish brake components brand.

What are the advantages of certification?

ECE R90 certification serves as a quality filter among the current brake pads on the market and is a safety-guarantee for users. GALFER catalogues include 12 brake pad references for E-bikes; all of these are now approved by ECE R90 certification.

The ECE R90 certification is a seal of quality and is recognised and approved worldwide.

In addition to G1652 brake pads, the Galfer Bike catalogue also features brake discs and specific adaptors for E-bikes, such as the oversize Disc Wave® ø223  mm, Disc Wave® thicker than 2.0 mm (available in sizes ø180 mm, ø203 mm and ø223 mm), and the Postmount (PM-PM) adaptors measuring +20 mm, +43 mm and +63 mm.

Riders such as Olympic medallist Marco Aurelio Fontana, a former motorcycle racer, 250cc World Champion Marco Melandri, and recent winner of WES Gravity (World E-Bike Series) José Borges, endorse the quality of Galfer Bike brake components specifically for electric bikes.