The Research and Development Department is key to the evolution of each of our products. Every piece undergoes strict quality control, ensuring maximum safety and performance. Industrias Galfer has an integrated management system (quality, environment, and energy) meeting the requirements of IATF16949, enabling us to meet the demands of the automotive sector and optimally fulfill the needs of our customers. Teamwork and close collaboration with customers and suppliers are the synergy that allows us to develop new materials and techniques capable of improving the product day by day. Thanks to this, we have achieved significant advances resulting in notable patents and innovations. Our products are certified by TÜV (KBA 60811 – 61147 – 61148 – 61197). The “Disc Wave®” brake disc is an example of our innovative spirit: a product taken to excellence that offers end-users high-performance technology.

Our products are certified by TÜV (KBA 60811 – 61147 – 61148 – 61197) and ECE R90:

– ABE 60811: Disc brake pads, Typ 1054

– ABE 61147: Fixed replacement DISC WAVE® brake discs, Typ W

– ABE 61148: Floating replacement DISC WAVE® brake discs, Typ FLW

– ABE 61197: Disc brake pads, Typ 1375

– ECE R90: Disc brake pads, all Typ (1050, 1054, 1805, 1370, 1371, 1396, 1397, 1380, 1375, 1375R, 1396R, and 1395)

Our integrated management system reflects the experience gained over the years of supplying friction materials to major car and motorcycle manufacturers.

We are committed to a more sustainable development that ensures resources for future generations, being environmentally friendly, and using energy efficiently to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities.


MISSION: To offer components to the market that integrate into braking systems.

VISION: To become an international benchmark in innovation, quality, and customer service.


• CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: Incorporating new technologies to anticipate customer needs and continuously improve our products as part of our daily challenge.

• WARRANTY: Through innovation and an integrated management system based on continuous improvement that ensures expected results.

• TRUST: Providing solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements, complying with current legislation in all our activities, and other requirements of the management system.

• EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: Promoting teamwork, fostering direct and personalized customer interactions, and meeting the specifications of our products.

• SUSTAINABILITY: Increasing awareness for the rational use of energy and natural resources, as well as proper waste management and responsible use of raw materials and resources, minimizing environmental impact.

• SAFETY: Promoting training and investment to ensure maximum safety and health at work.

• RESPONSIBILITY: Managing all our activities in an ethical and responsible manner.