The manufacturer of brake components for motorbikes and bicycles has produced an action video, filmed in Spain and Italy, to commemorate its 70th anniversary, featuring some of its most iconic riders and ambassadors.

Galfer has created a spectacular action video featuring a mysterious package as the common thread of the whole story. The video stars seven Galfer riders from different disciplines: Edgar Torronteras (freestyle motorbike), Bienvenido Aguado (freestyle bicycle), Lorenzo Baldassarri (speed motorbike), Marco Aurelio Fontana (e-bike), Kirian Mirabet (trail motorbike), Mario Román (enduro motorbike) and Kiara Fontanesi (motocross).

They all transport a Galfer package that leaves the factory with an uncertain destination. Each of them transports it with their vehicles at full speed to get it delivered on time, passing the Galfer box from one rider to another. Kiara Fontanesi reveals the surprise contents of the package at the end of the video.

The video was filmed in eight different locations, including some rather spectacular ones, across Spain and Italy. There has been an Italian-Spanish connection since the beginnings of the company founded in 1952 by the Milesi family.

The video will be released next Thursday, 31 March 2022, coinciding with the start of the Vive la Moto trade show in Madrid, where Galfer will have its own stand in Hall 5 (5D11).