A year after celebrating the company’s 70th anniversary Galfer has announced a change in its General Management with Umberto Milesi, who took the position in 2008, leaving behind a legacy filled with successes. On a business level, Galfer has achieved record figures in the last three years, which bodes well for a future full of opportunities. On a sporting level, Galfer has won more than 100 World titles across the various competitions in which the brand supplies teams with braking products. Umberto Milesi has had a decisive role in the development of the company, its products and its image around the world, a legacy that will remain etched in the history of Galfer. We wish Umberto Milesi a prosperous future and continued success as a member of the Galfer Board of Directors.

In mid-2023 he was succeeded as CEO of Galfer by Francisco Catena Martínez. Francisco developed his skills in Business Analysis, Trade Marketing and Sales Management roles in multinationals in the Infrastructure, Perfume and Cosmetics and FMCG sectors. His passion for motorsport and the world of two wheels, together with his personal ties with Galfer, have drawn him to a very demanding and exciting professional challenge: leading Galfer in the coming decades.

Under the leadership of Francisco Catena Martínez, the company is embracing a new phase, marked by an obsession that is shared by the whole team: the competitive environment, the consumer and the details. In a world where the consumer dictates the marketing rules, Catena is focussed on the need to respond to constant evolution, both in the areas of motorbikes and bicycles, where Galfer has maintained a prominent and lasting presence.

Statement by Francisco Catena:

“I face this challenge with enormous enthusiasm, energy and a sense of great responsibility. Galfer’s future is full of opportunities and turning them into reality is the job for us all. The companies that identify their strengths and reinforce them in their search for excellence are the companies that lead the market. A passion for two wheels, innovation, technology, performance and unique designs has allowed Galfer to achieve very high levels of success. We must continue to build on our history without setting ourselves limits or barriers. For this we need the engagement of all our employees, partners, clients, distributors and collaborators: we must share our objectives and look to the future with the same enthusiasm and determination. The future is ours if we know how to differentiate ourselves and connect with our consumers.”

Francisco’s arrival will allow us to strengthen the Galfer family and ensure a generational transition in the company management. His experience in management and positioning leading brands in different sectors will guide Galfer to the next level.