The brake components brand Galfer Bike is including to their products a fixed Disc Wave® with the Center-Lock system incorporated to the following sizes: ø140mm, ø160mm, ø180mm and ø203mm (road and mountain bike).

Industrias Galfer decided to join their fixed brake discs to the Center-Lock system in a safe and efficient manner to offer the Disc Wave® in a single piece suitable for the particular locking system launched by Shimano some years ago that is becoming widespread. The Center-Lock disc includes a washer and a ring to fix the disc to the rim. The Center-Lock piece is made from high-quality, high-resistance and low weight machined aluminum.

GALFER Disc Wave® are made of laser-cut stainless steel and undergo several processes as hardening, black painting with cataphoresis, final grinding and roughening treatment, all of which offer a great finish and improve the braking performance. GALFER applies the same quality processes and controls as in the MotoGP or WSBK brake discs manufacturing.

Several road racers, including Italian Alessandro Vanotti (former professional and member of the Astana team from 2013 to 2017), have tested the new system with very satisfactory results.

Reference, size and weight, and price:

  • DB101WCL: Road model ø140mm (76g) – 42,00 € (VAT excl.)
  • DB102WCL: Road model ø160mm (98g) – 45,00 € (VAT excl.)
  • DB002WCL: MTB model ø160mm (110g) – 45,00 € (VAT excl.)
  • DB003WCL: MTB model ø180mm (127g) – 47,00 € (VAT excl.)
  • DB004WCL: MTB model ø203mm (157g) – 49,00 € (VAT excl.)

The new references for Galfer Bike brake discs with Center-Lock will be available from May, 2020.