The introduction of the Enduro e-bike brought in a new concept of racing broadening the horizon of traditional mountain bike racing. Franco Monchiero, the mastermind behind the birth of the national and international Enduro mountain bike racing category, was the 1st organizer to launch a race series exclusively dedicated to e-bike in Italy reinventing the concept of mountain bike Enduro and adapting it to the new electric bike. Due to the growing interest showed by the public towards the new category and also recognized by the UCI as a new category, Monchiero decided to raise the bar again promoting a new international format for e-bike racing: the e-EIS

Galfer Bike firmly believes in the world of electric bikes and for this reason has decided to support the E-Enduro International Series (E-EIS) and the Italian e-Enduro championship. The new oversized Disc Wave® DB007W (size ø 223 x 2,0 mm), the 4 bolts caliper adapters (PM-PM) and the new brake pads compound special for e-Bikes G1652 will be the Galfer Bike products offer for sale to all the e-bike riders who want to improve their braking performance, often insufficient with the original products.

The e-EIS 2019 will have 4 stages:
– 13-14 of April E-EIS Granda (Spain)
– 27-28 of July E-EIS Valberg (France)
– 14-15 of September E-EIS Rimini Show (Italy)
– 5-6 of October 2019 E-EIS Loano (Italy)

And the e-Enduro Italian championship will have 6 stages:
– 2/3 March “e-Enduro Skills Event” Rocchetta Belbo
– 16/17 March e-Enduro Alassio
– 26/27 April e-Enduro Lacona (Isola d’Elba)
– 25/26 May e-Enduro Pogno
– 22/23 June e-Enduro Val di Pejo
– 21/22 September e-Enduro Varazze

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