Toni Bou and his Montesa-Honda, equipped with GALFER brake products, keep making history at the Trial. With this new TrialGP world cup 2019, he has gathered 13 consecutive outdoor titles and 26 world Trial titles, which add up to the other 13 X-Trial indoor titles.

In the French race, after scoring seven points on the first round and an extra point due to timing, on the second round Bou got just one more penalty point, ending up with less than half the points than the second classified: another GALFER rider, Jaime Busto (Vertigo). The podium was completed by Adam Raga (TRRS) on the third position. As for the rest of the GALFER riders of the Grand Prix, Takahisha Fujinami (Montesa-Honda) got the 5th position, Jorge Casales (Vértigo) on the 6th position, Miquel Gelabert (Sherco) on the 7th position, James Dabill (Beta) on the 8th position and Beonit Bincaz (Beta) on the 9th position.

In the female category, the British rider Emma Bristow got a victory with her Sherco, also equipped with GALFER products, in a fairly contested race with Berta Abellán (Vertigo). Now Emma has 16 points of advantage over Berta. The title will be decided on the last date of the season.

On the Trial2 category, there was a whole GALFER Top5 with Alexandre Ferrer (Sherco) on the 1st position, Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) on the 2nd position, Matteo Grattarola (Montesa) on the 3rd position, Toby Martyn (Beta) on the 4th position and Aniol Gelabert (Scorpa) on the 5th position.

The final date of the championship will be on September 22nd in La Nucia (Spain), where the women’s championship will be decided.