Customise the way you brake with GALFER Classic, Disc Wave®, Skull or CUBIQ® brake discs on your Harley Davidson, Indian or Victory motorbike.

One section of the GALFER brake components catalogue is dedicated to the custom world and to V-Twin fans who can choose a brand specialising in braking systems and ensure the perfect combination of power, quality and design. GALFER offers these four different versions of brake discs to customise your bike:

  • Classic: these are round brake discs with a more classic look which are very similar to the original discs, which are normally round on this type of bike. However, the Galfer Classic discs have a better braking performance than the original discs thanks to the type of steel used and the manufacturing process. They are the heaviest discs among the different versions.
  • Disc Wave®: Galfer’s most popular discs. These are discs with a corrugated profile on the inside and outside of the brake track for weight reduction, improved cooling and a distinctive look. The Disc Wave® was patented by Galfer over 20 years ago.
  • Skull: the most extreme and eye-catching brake discs in the Galfer range. The skull profile and black grooves on the brake track, as well as the flame-shaped core, make the Galfer Skull disc unique on the market and ideal for bikes with an aggressive look.
  • CUBIQ®: this is Galfer’s latest innovation in brake discs. CUBIQ® discs are the lightest and most innovative-looking discs, thanks to the hexagon shape of the brake track. They are the evolution of the Wave discs and stand out for their reduced weight, improved bike handling and increased braking power.

The different models of Galfer brake discs are available in fixed and floating steel core versions depending on the model of the motorbike on which they are to be used. The recommended retail prices range from €137 to €208 for the fixed versions and from €167 to €309 for the floating models.

All of them are manufactured using laser cutting and are subjected to different treatments such as tempering, painting, machining or grinding to achieve a high-quality finish.

All Galfer brake discs are designed in-house and have German TÜV (KBA) approval.

Download the Galfer catalogue for Custom motorbikes:

So which one is more your style?