On the opening day of the race at the fifth round of the FIM EnduroGP World Championship, Steve Holcombe of Beta Factory Racing secured the victory and claimed the top spot in the overall standings.

Steve Holcombe achieved an outstanding victory on the first day of the EnduroGP Grand Prix in Slovakia. He took the win in the first race, and in the second race of the Grand Prix, he secured the second position. Despite the challenging conditions of the muddy terrain, Steve made the most of his prototype fixed rear disc and the other Galfer components (front RW fixed disc and G1396R sintered brake pads). Thanks to these brake products and his exceptional riding skills, Holcombe claimed the lead in his category and in the overall weekend standings. Unfortunately, his teammate Brad Freeman couldn’t complete the first race or start the second due to injuries sustained in his recent crash. This situation is truly disappointing, as Brad was leading the world championship. We hope he recovers soon and can return to compete at the highest level, as he has done throughout this year and in the past seasons.

On another note, the Sherco CH Racing Enduro team achieved a double podium finish in the E2 category. In the first race, Wil Ruprecht once again reached the podium, this time securing the second position representing Sherco. However, in the second race, he finished in fifth place. Hamish Macdonald also had an impressive performance, securing fourth place in the first race and showcasing his potential by finishing in third place in the second race.

In the E3 category, Antonie Magain achieved podium finishes in both races, taking the third position in the first race and the second position in the second race.

Lastly, in the Galfer Junior category, Jeremy Sydow claimed the prize by securing the third position in the first race of this Grand Prix. It is worth noting that these prizes are made of laser-cut stainless steel, the same friction material used in Galfer discs.

At Industrias Galfer, we want to express our condolences to the family and friends of Jaroslav Diro, a participant who tragically passed away on the first day of the Grand Prix due to an unfortunate accident in the Super Test.

The next race will take place from September 29th to October 1st at the Grand Prix of Portugal.