GALFER rider Steve Holcombe wins his fifth world title with his Beta equipped with the Spanish brand’s brake products. Throughout the season, Holcombe fought Brad Freeman for the EnduroGP leadership, but in the end he couldn’t beat him and finished just 11 points behind. But Steve Holcombe did win the final victory in E3, regaining the title for the fifth consecutive time. Holcombe won both races at the GP of France, the last of the season, and Danny McCanney (TM Racing) was runner-up both at the GP and the final general classification.

Loic Larrieu (TM Racing) did great in E2 and won his first Enduro world title in E2 with 4 points of distance from Alex Salvini. Larrieu won both days at Ambert (France), catching up the leader of the general classification and winning the title. Another GALFER representative, Christophe Chalier (Honda Red Moto), was third in E2.

In E1, Thomas Oldrati (Honda Red Moto) finished second of the general classification, after Freeman.

Andrea Verona became the Enduro Junior World Champion during the last GP, so the GALFER riders have won three world championships in 2019. It’s been a great year for the brake brand, with their brakes undoubtedly helping their riders to stop their off-road bikes in the most extreme conditions.