For more than seventy years, the brake systems specialist Galfer has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology, increased performance and innovation, the result of significant know-how acquired over many years, both from racing and from constant research and development by the technicians and engineers at the Spanish company. This is what allows the company to enjoy its current position as a benchmark brand in the international market for braking systems for all types of road and off-road motorbikes.

For the Adventure motorbike sector Galfer offers a wide range of “Disc Wave®” brake discs and sintered metal pads designed to significantly improve the braking performance of the most popular Adventure motorbikes currently available, such as the Husqvarna Norden, the Yamaha Ténéré, the Honda Africa Twin, the BMW R 1250 GS or the KTM Adventure, among other models.

Adventure bikes are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular on the international scene thanks to their versatility, which allows users to comfortably cover long distances on- and off-road. For some years now, they have also been attracting the attention of Enduro and Trial riders, such as Galfer riders Toni Bou and Kirian Mirabet, who, by performing acrobatics and extremely difficult technical stunts, have found a different use for this type of large-displacement motorbikes.

Galfer offers products for the Adventure sector that allow customers to enter an exclusive world with all the unique detail, passion, quality and extreme performance that the Spanish brand incorporates in every one of the products in its range. Therefore, every rider can find the best and most suitable solution for their motorbike and riding style, confident that they can always rely on the safety of Galfer braking systems.

For lovers of the Adventure world, the Galfer product range includes the floating “Disc Wave®” (CW-FLW) and the CUBIQ® disc (FLQ) for the front end and the fixed disc (W) for the rear.

Galfer Wave discs are laser-cut from high-carbon stainless steel and treated with specific quality treatments for unrivalled performance and design.

Adventure bikes are heavy, capable of high speeds and are very often used in on/off mode, over very different types of terrain. In terms of braking, these characteristics, which are typical of the Adventure world, require a system capable of guaranteeing fast, effective and safe braking, especially in extreme conditions where stress resistance is crucial. To better respond to these demands, Galfer brake products for Adventure motorbikes have been developed to provide improved performance in all conditions, guaranteeing greater braking power, lower weight, better handling, high heat dissipation and adjustable and constant braking control in all conditions.

The reduced weight of the braking components is another key factor that helps improve the handling of Adventure bikes, especially during changes of direction, when the gyroscopic effect causes the weight of the disc to increase exponentially.

The Wave profile, conceived, developed and patented by Galfer in the 90s, offers a significant weight reduction compared to the original product, making the “Disc Wave®” the best option for users who are looking to improve braking performance and riding comfort.

The complete range of Galfer discs and pads specifically for Adventure bikes consists of the following products:

Brake discs:

Floating “Disc Wave®” (FLW-CW): available in original size with a steel core (FLW) or an aluminium core (CW) for the front end and, in some specific cases, the rear end. These discs are lighter than the originals while having improved behaviour and greater durability. The floating system allows the disc to adapt axially to the torsion between the fork and the wheel, ensuring that it is always positioned at the perfect braking angle, completely parallel to the brake pads. Furthermore, Wave discs look different to the originals, enhancing and personalising the aesthetics of the bike. The retail price of the steel-core model (FLW) is between €149 – €169 + VAT, while the price of the aluminium-core model (CW) is €199 + VAT.

Floating CUBIQ® disc (FLQ): as an alternative to the “Disc Wave®”, the Galfer range includes the CUBIQ® disc, which is also available for some Adventure bike models. This disc is only manufactured with a steel core, but its optimised design means its weight is just as low as the Wave CW model. Its RRP is €225 + VAT.

Fixed “Disc Wave®” (W): this is the original-size rear disc. The W version has the Wave design with holes that help to cool the brake system. Its RRP is between €100 – €120 + VAT, depending on the size and thickness of the disc.

Most Wave discs are approved by the German Technical Inspection Association TÜV (KBA no. 61147 / 61148).

Brake pads:

Standard sintered compound (G1370-71): a highly versatile compound, with high durability and excellent control that lies in the middle of the range in terms of braking power. This compound does not need a high working temperature to offer its full potential, nor is it overly abrasive to the brake disc, although its performance is slightly inferior compared to the G1375 compound. It offers good performance in wet and muddy conditions. Reference G1370 is for the front brake, while the G1371 is for the rear brake. Their RRP is between €28 and €32 + VAT.

Sport sintered compound (G1375): this compound has been developed for users who ride competitively, when brakes are used more intensively. It has high braking power capacity and excellent cooling, thanks to the ceramic support that acts as a thermal barrier between the brake pads and the calliper pistons. Excellent performance in wet and muddy conditions. The RRP of this compound is €39.50 + VAT.

Sport R sintered compound (G1375R): this compound is the evolution of the Sport G1375 pads, intended for racing and competitive use. It provides maximum braking power and maximum resistance to the high temperatures that can be achieved with Adventure bikes. It also features a ceramic backing that acts as a heat shield and grooves on the braking surface that help to cool the pad. The G1375R compound lets Adventure riders push their bikes to the limit without having to worry about braking. In addition, it comes in very resistant and attractive packaging. Its RRP is €59 + VAT.

All the products in the Galfer brake pad range are very quiet and have very high fade resistance.

List of the most popular Adventure motorbike models with the corresponding Galfer product references:

All models are available at www.galferonline.es