The 2024 MotoGP World Speed Championship has begun at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar, where Galfer Racing riders have had an outstanding performance.

All Galfer riders in the MotoGP World Championship have at their disposal a range of different Floatech® brake discs with various sizes and thicknesses to choose from according to the type of track or temperature conditions of each Grand Prix.

This, along with the high performance of the Racing G1310 sintered brake pads, provides a competitive advantage over other brake brands. Galfer Floatech® brake discs and Racing G1310 sintered brake pads prove their excellence, significantly improving the braking performance of Moto3 bikes thanks to their distinctive features:

Galfer Floatech® brake discs:

– Improved thermal behavior.

– Perfect alignment between disc and pads.

– Optimized left/right structure.

– Better thermal cutting.

Galfer Racing G1310 sintered brake pads:

– Great initial deceleration, with very powerful and modulable entry.

– Very stable throughout the race.

– Works at any temperature and in all conditions.

– Not particularly aggressive pad on the disc.

– Quick bedding-in.

MT Helmets-MSI team riders, Sergio García and Ai Ogura, both equipped with Galfer Floatech® brake discs along with Racing G1310 sintered brake pads, have made a spectacular debut of the Moto2 season in Qatar, finishing in 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

A good start to the season also in the Moto3 category, where Galfer is the first choice of 5 teams and 10 riders who will battle throughout the season, always counting on the reliability and high performance of Galfer brake systems.

The winning partnership with Galfer continues, also in Moto3, for the MT Helmets-MSI team, with riders Iván Ortolá and Ryusei Yamanaka, and with Leopard Racing, the world champion team in 2023, which this year has two young promises in its ranks: the Spaniards Adrián Fernández and Ángel Piqueras. Galfer will continue to aspire to victory this season as well with the Boe Motorsport team, with riders David Muñoz and Australian Joel Kelso, who finished eighth in the first race in Qatar, with the Snipers team, which continues with Italian rider Matteo Bertelle, joined by David Almansa, and with the British team MLav Racing, with Scott Ogden and Joshua Whatley.

Both in the Moto2 and Moto3 categories, there is a lot of parity among all riders during races, and every detail makes a difference. That’s why the choice of teams and riders to rely on Galfer braking systems plays a decisive role in increasing the confidence of riders during races, allowing them to overtake safely their rivals in the slowest and tightest corners and position themselves in the top positions.

Galfer teams and riders in the 2024 MotoGP World Championship:

Team Riders Class Country 
MT Helmets – MSi Sergio García Moto2 ESP 
MT Helmets – MSi Ai Ogura Moto2 JAP 
MT Helmets – MSi Iván Ortolá Moto3 ESP 
MT Helmets – MSi Ryusei Yamanaka Moto3 JAP 
Snipers Team Matteo Bertelle Moto3 ITA 
Snipers Team David Almansa Moto3 ESP 
Boe Motorsport David Muñoz Moto3 ESP 
Boe Motorsport Joel Kelso Moto3 AUS 
Leopard Racing Adrián Fernández Moto3 ESP 
Leopard Racing Ángel Piqueras Moto3 ESP 
MLav Racing Scott Ogden Moto3 GBR 
MLav Racing Joshua Whatley Moto3 GBR 

Download the Galfer Racing 2024 catalog for more information: