Galfer, the world leader in braking systems, is excited to announce the launch of its new catalogue of brake discs and pads designed exclusively for Mini Motos, covering both Pit bikes and Mini GP bikes.

Mini Motos—compact motorcycles with small engines—have gained popularity among adult enthusiasts as well as professional riders and children entering the exciting world of racing. These motorcycles, intended for tarmac circuits only, feature two types of engines (2-stroke from 60cc to 85cc and 4-stroke from 90cc to 212cc) and two wheel sizes (10″ and 12″).

Galfer is proud to offer a complete range of brake discs and pads designed to enhance the original performance of Mini Motos from renowned brands such as Bucci Moto, Ohvale, Help Racing, MIR Racing, IMR, YCF, Malcor, etc. Galfer products not only optimise braking efficiency, they also guarantee safety and exceptional performance in every lap.

This new catalogue also includes sintered brake pads specifically designed for replacement callipers from leading brands such as Formula, J.Juan and 8.1. GALFER’s advanced technology translates into powerful and precise braking, ensuring total control over these small but powerful machines.

Brake discs:

– Fixed Disc Wave® W: The fixed disc features internal and external wavy brake tracks, ensuring even brake pad wear at all times. With a larger outer perimeter it achieves improved heat dissipation in the friction zone, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. It is manufactured from stainless steel by laser cutting and is painted by an EPD process to prevent corrosion, ensuring durability and resistance over time. The RRP is €62-€65 + VAT.

– Floating Disc Wave® FLW: The Floating Disc Wave® is an improvement over the fixed version, achieving a thermal break between the brake track and the core. Thanks to the connecting pins, this disc has the ability to float, allowing axial movement and expansion of the track relative to the core. The wavy design of the track allows for even wear of the brake pad and better cooling. It is manufactured from stainless steel by laser cutting and is painted by an EPD process to prevent corrosion, ensuring durability and resistance over time. Its RRP is €99 + VAT.

Brake pads:

– Semi-metallic G1054: the semi-metallic compound offers an excellent balance between performance, durability and price. Its performance is unbeatable in cold conditions (0-150°C) and it is very quiet. It also significantly reduces disc wear and requires a very short running-in time. The RRP is €14-€20 + VAT.

– Sintered metal G1370-96: a compound that can withstand high temperatures, which guarantees maximum durability. It provides exceptional thermal stability and stands out for its powerful braking power and great control, allowing accurate movements at all times. It is the ideal choice for a reliable and effective braking experience. The RRP is €26-€28 + VAT.

With this launch, Galfer reaffirms its commitment to providing state-of-the-art braking solutions for a wide range of applications, and now also for the exciting world of Mini Motos. Discover how GALFER brakes can enhance your riding experience.

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