World-class riders like Jaume Masià (current leader of the Moto3 World Championship), David Muñoz and Diogo Moreira rely on Galfer Floatech® brake discs and Racing G1310 sintered brake pads for their sporting success.

The Moto3 category stands out as the most competitive in the world of motorcycle road racing, where small nuances make a crucial difference. The braking system plays a decisive role in boosting the confidence of riders during races, allowing them to overtake their rivals on slower, tighter corners and secure leading positions.

Galfer Racing riders can rely on the high performance of Galfer brake discs and brake pads on all tracks and under all weather conditions, as evidenced by the numerous victories and podium finishes during the 2023 season and the amazing absolute lap records set by David Muñoz in Austria 2022 and Assen 2023.

With his KTM BOE Motorsports, the Spanish rider clocked the Netherlands’ Assen circuit in just 1:41.181 using Galfer Floatech® brake discs along with Racing G1310 sintered brake pads, a combination that undoubtedly provided him with great braking power and reliability to reduce lap times to the maximum.

Galfer Floatech® brake discs and Racing G1310 sintered brake pads assert their excellence, significantly improving the braking performance of Moto3 motorcycles thanks to their distinctive features:

Galfer Floatech® brake discs

1.- Improved thermal behaviour: At high temperatures (200°C and higher), the brake track tends to expand in all directions. GALFER’s new Floatech® system controls this increase in size, preventing possible issues with the brake track locking against the core.

2.- Perfect alignment between disc/pads: The system achieves free expansion of the brake track, preventing loss of floatability thanks to the inclusion of a set of components consisting of washers and a preloaded spring. The spring tightens and fixes the brake track, ensuring it maintains the same position at all times and aligns correctly with the brake pads in any situation. This eliminates the free movement that most competition brake discs on the market have, avoiding the issue of the brake pads being pushed in an uncontrolled manner under the strong vibrations and gyroscopic forces produced when manoeuvring the motorcycle during competition, leading to braking difficulties. Thus, the new Floatech® system achieves perfect self-alignment between the disc and the brake pads at all times, allowing the brake calliper pistons to maintain the position set by the brake equipment manufacturer at all times, resulting in much more stable braking.

3.- Optimised left/right structure: By studying the braking forces and given the possibility to design specific directional brake discs (left/right), it was possible to determine the key points for optimising the design of the brake disc cores, providing greater rigidity with the lowest possible weight. Galfer is an innovative brand in designing specific directional brake discs for each side of the wheel.

4.- Thermal break: The new golden nitride pin that joins both parts of the brake disc (track and core) improves the thermal break between both parts.

Galfer Racing G1310 sintered brake pads

In 2022, Galfer Industries introduced its new G1310 sintered compound formula for Racing brake pads, exclusively for use on speedway circuits and improved thanks to its championship-winning riders.

After several years of research, development, and testing, Galfer introduced the new-generation sintered compound specially developed for speedway competition: MotoGP (excluding carbon discs), Moto2, Moto3, WSBK, Superstock 1000, Supersport, etc.

These brake pads have considerable initial deceleration, with powerful and progressive initial braking, and remarkable stability throughout the race. The G1310 pads perform well under all temperatures and conditions. These brake pads are not overly aggressive on the brake discs and offer minimal wear.

Their main qualities include:

  • Considerable initial deceleration with a very powerful and modulable entry.
  • Great stability throughout the race.
  • Operation at any temperature and under all conditions.
  • Not overly aggressive on the brake disc.
  • Rapid bedding-in.

The high technology and innovation behind Galfer Racing brake products are backed by the outstanding results achieved by Galfer riders in the 2023 Moto3 World Championship: Jaume Masià (Leopard Racing) achieved three victories and five podiums in 2023 and currently leads the category. Also, David Muñoz (Boe Motorsport), who holds the absolute lap records at the Spielberg and Assen circuits, climbed onto the podium once in 2023. Additionally, Brazilian rider Diogo Moreira (MT Helmets – MSI), also reached the podium twice during the 2023 season.

Galfer Racing is the essential partner for the most prominent Moto3 riders, providing the highest-quality brake components that make a difference in the competitive world of motorcycle road racing.

Galfer Racing teams and riders in the 2023 Moto3 World Championship:

Leopard RacingJaume Masia
Leopard RacingTatsuki Suzuki
Snipers TeamRomano Fenati
Snipers TeamMatteo Bertelle
Boe MotorsportDavid Muñoz
Boe MotorsportAna Carrasco
MT Helmets – MSiDiogo Moreira
MT Helmets – MSiSyarifuddin Azman
Prüstel GPXavi Artigas
Prüstel GPJoel Kelso
Visiontrack Racing TeamScott Ogden
Visiontrack Racing TeamJoshua Whatley

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