After a rainy night in eastern Slovakia, our rider Wil Ruprecht (57) with the TM Boano team finished 0.45 s ahead of Steve Holcombe (70) with Beta Factory.

Although this race was the closest he has come to victory this year, Steve was left behind once again after another win from current world championship leader Wil Ruprecht, who has now accumulated a total of 174 points, 65 points ahead of Holcombe who currently occupies the 4th position in the standings. In E3 we have another winner, in this case Brad Freeman (12) with the Beta Factory team, who set the best time in the Super Test. The current leader of the world championship and last season’s champion finished 45.08 s ahead of his nearest rival. Sharing the same podium, in 3rd position, was Matteo Pavoni (98) with the TM Boano team, closely followed by Daniel McCanney (43) with Team Sherco, who just missed out on a podium spot. The 6th and 7th positions went to two Spanish riders: Marc Sans (2) with Team Husqvarna Spain and Jaume Betriu (94) with Team KTM WP Eric Augé.

In the E1 category, Matteo Cavallo with the TM Boano team finished the race in 3rd position, giving his team its 3rd podium in Slovakia. The Sherco rider in the Junior category finished in 2nd position after leading the standings for several weekends, although his teammate was not so lucky, finishing in 12th position.

And ending with the Youth category, Alex Puey (4), a Spanish rider with the KTM WP Eric Augé team, made it into the Top 5 of his category.