The new Galfer testimonial video will show the Research and Development process for making brake products, in this case the new Sport R G1375R brake pads for road.

The video shows a summary of the whole process: from understanding the riders’ needs to engineering meetings, 3D computer simulations, brake pads manufacturing, benchmark testing and, lastly, circuit testing and riders validation.

On this occasion we had the support of Moto2 professional rider Remy Gardner (SAG Racing).

Link video:

Recorded and edited by Manel Cabot.
Music by Academic Arenas 1 (Martin Landh)

Thanks to: Remy Gardner, Marc Esteve, Romina Milesi, José María Sánchez, Alejandro Domínguez, Marco Milesi, Jaime García, Pau Oliver, Joan Puigví, Darío Ortiz and the Circuito de Calafat.