Up to seven riders representing the brake brand Galfer Bike have gathered in the Swiss town of Dübendorf to compete in the 2020 UCI CX World Championships.

Felipe Orts (Teika) and his BH bike equipped with Galfer brake parts, continues in the top positions of the Cyclo-Cross World Championships. In Dübendorf, Felipe finished with a well-deserved 14th place after making a great comeback after an incident at the start of the race under extremely tough weather conditions with rain and mud. In the same category, Kevin Suárez (Nesta-Skoda) finished with a final position of 27th, showing an upward trend, and wrapped up the season feeling satisfied with his performance.

In the men’s Under-23 category, the young rider Iván Feijoo (Nesta-Skoda) finished with an excellent 6th place, culminating an impressive comeback after starting the race in the third row, continuing his positive run of form that ranked him among the top 10 in the previous two world championships. Things didn’t turn out so well for Jofre Cullel (Megamo), however, who finished with a final position of 23rd.

In the women’s Elite category, Lucía González (Nesta-Skoda) came 18th in the race despite being held back by a couple of falls that prevented her from fighting for a higher position even though her pace was good throughout the entire race. Coming in two places behind Lucía was the second Galfer Bike representative, Aida Nuño (Trek), who achieved a good 20th position and was competing in the Cyclo-Cross World Championships for the 20th time.

And in the men’s Junior category, Alain Suárez (Nesta-Skoda) completed his first World Championship in 46th place.

All the cyclo-cross riders representing Galfer Bike use Disc Wave® DB101W (140mm) or DB102W (160mm) discs and Advanced G1851 composite brake pads specially designed for extreme conditions such as water and mud.