GALFER updated the 2019 merchandising list for their Moto and Bike professional clients and added new elements:
– New displays for the 30x30cm brake pads G1396R (Off-Road) and G1375R (Road).
– New 60x160cm x-banners for the new brake pads G1396R (Off-Road) and G1375R (Road).
– New shop window sticker 30x15cm (front stick).
– New unisex Galfer wooly hats.
– New bottle openers made of the same steel as brake discs.
– New helmet backpacks for bikers.
– New XC sets for bicycle riders (maillot and cycling shorts).

Besides the new releases there are many articles offered as last year: T-shirts, caps, tube scarfs, bags, key rings, pens, stickers, catalogue, brochure, displays, marquees, banners, umbrellas, backpacks and more.

All Galfer merchandising, references and prices can be found at: