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Brake Pads

Brake Pads

Features and advantages of the new compounds GALFER BIKE:

- Organic semi-metal compound (non asbestos)
- Absence of noise.
- Better feeling, progressiveness and braking power.
- Minimization of vibration to the wheel.
- Less wear on the brake discs.
- Resistance to high temperatures.
- Increased durability.

With these enhancements the user gets a permanent braking response, with the same behavior throughout his life, improving bicycle control and increase confidence and security of the rider.

The materials used for manufacturing these compounds are specific to the sector of bicycle and its variables (weight, ground, humidity, temperature, noise, etc.).

Similarly, GALFER has a wide variety of different compounds for motorcycles or cars (road, off-road, urban, sport, competition, etc..)

Brake pads suitable for all conditions, perfectly balanced in terms of power, noise and durability, getting progressive and consistent braking.

Ideal brake pads for extreme terrain conditions of wetness and dirt, the braking power is easily maintained owing its features.

Ideal brake pads for extreme terrain conditions of wetness and dirt, the braking power is easily maintained owing its features.Perfect for extreme downhill where brakes are subject to maximum levels of temperature. Braking is steady and lengthy and the pads are able to perform in high temperatures without power lost.

The Road G1455 is a new brake pad compound specifically developed to offer the best performance on road and under all weather conditions. Thanks to the knowledge and experience achieved in more than 60 years of manufacturing braking systems for two-wheel vehicles, Galfer has developed some new powerful, efficient and hard-wearing brake pads for road bikes.

The new compound G1652 stands out for its resistance to high temperatures, braking power, durability and absence of noise. Developed specifically for electric bicycles, which are characterized by the increase in the total weight and the speed of the vehicle, due to an electric motor that generate higher propulsion.

The main feature of this new sintered compound compared with organic compounds is the perfect combination of an aggressive and progressive braking depending on the squeeze. This means a slower movement of the wheels as well as blocking them immediately when necessary, as required in Bike Trial. Besides, sintered brake pads offer equal performance in wet and dry conditions.

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